University has been the light at the end of a dark tunnel my whole entire high-school life. I did not have a lot of friends back then (literally just one…). It was a very hard time for me and it made me want to literally escape to another country.

I chose the UK because of it’s reputation and social life. Whereas in French and Italian universities you can have 8h of lessons per day, in the UK it is very common to only have 10h per week. I needed that freedom of my time in order to focus on the social life I never had. I wanted to give myself the space to understand what I wanted to do with my life.

It is with great confidence that I say that I would do it all over again and fly to Exeter University.


I needed a fresh start. I needed to be in a place where no one knew me. 

Exeter was my heaven: a beautiful campus that hosted over 20,000 students. There was no way I was not going to meet people and find a community in which I could fit in.

Compared with what I experienced, the parties were 10 times better. Societies really spiced everything up and I truly was never bored. Here below you can find a video I made about a typical day in a life.


I went from a naive, loveless and demotivated girl to a powerful, confident and successful student. 

In my first year, I had marks that would average 45% and yet I still ended up graduating with a 2.1. I practiced self-love, my standards for guys went higher and I found my motivation. 

My time management skills went from sub 0 to optimal thanks to my first e-book about Time Management. I also got to taste the struggles of mental health and learned how to deal with myself during the dark times.


I am mostly proud of hacking the system. Apparently, to graduate well, you needed to study all the time since day one. I only truly started studying in my third year

With a few hacks in my fourth year, I managed to not only get a very good degree mark, but I also managed to get the Mandarin Chinese title added to my Business and Management course, making me look even more brainy than what I actually was. 

Working smart has also helped me understand more about the application process and I have had many career opportunities that came from my applications during second year for my year in industry.

If all of this wasn’t clear enough, this video below will help you understand everything more clearly!


I made many mistakes… Too many. Firstly, bossing around my events team, in my second year, taught me leadership. Secondly, failing many project helped me focus on one project at a time and achieve my ambitious goals. I learned that not all the people you consider your friends are your actual friends, and that, to keep good people in your life, you should give and not just expect people to entertain you and deal with your problems. I learned that I didn’t owe anything to anyone, that guys are not allowed to expect anything of me, that I am allowed to change my mind and do what I feel like, not to adapt to their needs and desires.


I have found my motivation. My first job during my year in industry has lead me to find an activity that gives me life and which I am still working on to this day. A way to escape the “real world” that wants me to work from 8am until 5pm every day so that I can pay the rent and the transport that gets me to that same demeaning job. It gave me fire and the discipline to start something new and disrupt the status quo.


Everyone told me that I was going to be cold in the UK. The weather in Exeter was actually not bad at all. We had more sunny days than I was promised (probably global warming) and I was so happy to have the beach right next to Exeter, an hour in the train away. 

Exeter is, however, very expensive. I definitely recommend saving money before joining.


No one:

Me: here is a vlog about my university days and my mistakes with guys.


I loved my University experience. Most people go to University to learn study and learn how to adult. I went to the UK because I knew it was one of the only places that would allow me to go to University to learn how to live.

University was a pause. A pause where everything stops and you get to think about your future, try things and discover yourself. I discovered my potential and understood once and for all what I will live by and what I wont. It is time to create the life I desire.


I have done my best to keep this website up-to-date. However, not living in Exeter anymore, this can be a challenge. If you are about to move to Exeter and want to get involved with this blog then please do not hesitate to contact me via my Instagram account. This is a unique opportunity for anyone who would like to get into blogging, influencer marketing or just generally gain some experience for their CV. Again, you can contact me for more details on how this may help you!


Over the years I have created many guides and checklist that aim to help you save time. Here are a list of them just in case you might miss out on a few:

  1. The Essay Decoder: a resource to help international students understand what is asked in an essay. This resource was given to me by one of Exeter’s top Senior Lecturers.
  2. Do’s & Don’ts at University Guide: a resource that gives you 70+ tips about university life. These recommendations range from social life, to love life, to reputation… I wish I had this guide when starting.
  3. The Ultimate Packing Checklist for both Catered students and Self-Catered students. A resource that aims to help you save time when preparing yourself for University.
  4. My 1st E-Book: a resource that has help me become a boss at Time Management. Moreover, it has also helped me create more time for what I love and get to my goals faster. It is lengthy, however it is arguably the best Time Management piece of research out there.
  5. My Before & After CV Transformation: a resource that has collected my CVs for the past 7 years to help you not only craft a great CV, but to also show you that everyone can start mediocre and grow exponentially.
  6. How To Land a Job Faster Guide: a resource that aims to give you all of the tips and recommendations I have used during my career. This will help you avoid some common mistakes students do when starting off with their job applications.

To conclude, the aim of this website is to help you have the best fresh start at University and with your career. There is nothing that gives me more happiness and joy but to hear your positive feedback on how helpful my content has been. Contact me if you have any feedback for me!


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