Welcome to the Ultimate Self Development Book Summaries for busy 20 somethings. My aim is to help you have The Best Fresh Start in 2020 and actually stick to your New Year New Me Goals! I wish to have something like this series to help me 5 years ago!

To Read Or Not To Read…

I don’t know about you but I went through a phase when I was a child in which I loved reading. Then I stopped as I didn’t have time. If you watched my Time Management Series (you are missing out if you haven’t) you know that you definitely have time.

Poor Effort…

However my issue was another one: my attention span was so short that I would either end up moving on to something new in the matter of minutes, oooor I would just fall asleep. This made it impossible for me to read books in my daily life and I ended up reading 2 pages when on a beach that one week a year… Meanwhile the average millionaire reads one book a week. Pathetic.

My Solution

Audible changed that for me… and no this is not an ad. I incorporated my “reading habits” into my day to day activities. Whether it is a commute or cleaning up the dishes, I would follow the recommendations in my Time Management Series and make the most out of my NET pocket of time. As a result I am comfortably reading one book a week AND reading daily!

Your Solution

If you don’t want to pay for an Audible monthly subscription, or you think that “listening to books” is not for you, then guess what? You can check my book summaries right here below:


I am glad you asked! These book summaries are unique as they not only give you the main idea of the book, but I will also explain it in a way that you truly understand what’s behind the summarised sentences. Let me explain: There is a reason why books are not 10 pages long: the authors need you to understand what lies behind the concepts by explaining each one in depth. Classic book summaries just take the main sentences, but few of them help you get those ground breaking aha moments that will truly enable you to deeply understand and change.


Aha moments are crucial, they do not happen when you read the “how to” and practical strategies, aka what is written in book summaries most of the time. They actually happen in different spots of the book for different people based on who they are, their experience, what they already know and achieved. In my work, I make sure to not only summaries for you all of the strategic and practical, I also discuss the aha moments I came that may be the same as yours!! These aha moments will actually be the real reason why you change. Moreover, I also have a downloadable action plan which will help you put those concepts in action.


I know this methodology works, and the real ones out there, the truly ambitious people ready to change, will realise the value of these summaries and grow with me because guys, this is also the start of my journey. We are all in the same book! …woops, I mean boat. So join me in my growth.