According to Executive Coach David Allen (2012), your brain is made to solve problems. Stop stocking unnecessary information in it that you can put on paper. Clear your mind by clarifying and writing down what’s bothering you.


Firstly, Allen pointed out that, if you keep all of your worries, fears and to do lists in your head you will feel overwhelmed, which will just lead to you complaining about how busy you are, whilst not achieving much. For this reason, he encourages us to clarify exactly what it is that is distracting us from our current task. What is roaming around our mind. Write everything down on paper, or digitally, to get better perspective and control on what you are doing.

According to Brian Tracy, a self-development author, making a list improves your productivity by 25%.


Secondly, it’s time to make the list monstrous. I want you to break down the tasks you wrote down into smaller tasks. The smaller the better. As explained in the goal setting section, having a vague or “big” task on your to do list doesn’t help you much. Indeed, it just makes you feel more powerless and incapable of actually doing the task.

For instance, if you wrote “give a present to grandma”, I want you to break it down like this:

  • Browse ideas for grandma’s present
  • Decide what to buy grandma
  • Find where to buy the present
  • Go out and buy the present in xyz shop
  • Wrap up the present
  • Go to the post office
  • And if you don’t have any stamps, add the fact that you have to buy the required elements.

Break down your tasks into the smallest baby tasks ever, and arrange them as sub tasks if your list gets too confusing.

How many tasks do you have on your list?


Finally, the more things you add to your to-do-list, the more you’ll understand that it goes hands in hand with saying no. For instance, most of us have trouble saying no when others ask for a favor or barge into our timetable without any notice. It is a normal struggle and you are not alone. There are many ways you can say no to someone whilst sounding reasonable, polite and friendly. I personally use the sentence “I don’t think so but if that changes, I’ll call you.” And, “let me think about it” and then 24h later, say no.

Now that you have your monster to-do-list, it is time to magically make it disappear. Found out how in this post, my personal favorite.



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