Be more alert to the things that might be stealing your time. Designate your time. – Jim Rohn, 2001.

It is so important to keep track of what went right and wrong. Your aim is to have a monthly growth. Whatever your goal is, you need to do better than the month before. Take the time to rethink your process and ask yourself if you really should’ve done it that way.


Spot the past week’s biggest time wasters and review them. Then, avoid them for the upcoming week by making a stop doing list.

According to professor Randy Pausch (2008), we waste 2h a day because of a messy desk. Not finding things, missing appointments, being unprepared for meetings… Similarly, our mental state and being tired also affects your productivity. Helene Segura (2016) states that the average person loses up to 3h per day from procrastination, distractions and overwhelm.

The great thing about this is that it’s self-imposed, which means we can do something about it! Segura explains that psychologists define that procrastination is the act of wanting to feel better now, “the adult version of the child’s I don’t want to do that”.

How would you react to that child?


The opposite problem would be for those who studied too much. Some people get so caught up in learning about the subject of their dissertation that they forget to actually move on and write what is needed to be written. In his book, the 4h Work Week, Tim Ferris talks about going on an information diet. By that he means stop consuming information and start doing.

There will come a time when you will know that you have enough information to get you going. You just need to get enough courage to take the leap of faithin yourself.


Ultimately, I strongly believe that it all comes down to confidence and self-belief. Once you’ve identified the specific reasons why you didn’t do the things you told yourself you would do, it is time to acknowledge and forgive yourself.

A research in Carleton University concluded that it’s forgiveness, not guilt, that gets you back on track. Therefore, next time you don’t study and get an average mark, don’t bash yourself up and have negative inner conversations with yourself. Instead, take a deep breath and forgive yourself for not working hard enough, be kind and you may see your results inflate.

Often review what got you inspired and got you turned on. – Jim Rohn, 2001

Many people ignore reassessing as they think it isn’t worth it. It is, however, one of the most important steps when it comes to personal growth and increasing your achievements: taking the time to make a note of what you can do better the next time will put you on the road to continuous improvement and a higher probability to achieve your goals.



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