Most people write their CV once and then send it to everyone.

As mentioned in the previous blog post, if you do not take the time to tailor your application, it will show and you will considerably lower your chances. You can find my own CVs over the past 7 years here.


Firstly, I usually do is that I write a Mega CV. It’s a CV that contains all of my experiences and my extra curricular activities. I allow myself to write everything on huge document.

Then, I pick the experiences that best suit the company that I am applying for. I show off the skills and experiences that are the most demanded in the job description.


It needs to be to the point and easy to read. I include the sections below:

  • Education: nothing before university is that important. If you have attended a summer school for your languages or something similar, do include it.
  • Certifications & Awards: if you don’t have any, get some. Nowadays on the internet it is so easy to study for some free certificates, no need to spend money. For instance, my university had an award scheme. This is an activity that universities propose to help students with their employability. Indeed, the more employable you are, the more attractive the university. 
  • Languages: I have a dedicated section for this because I have many languages under my belt. You can switch that with whatever other main skill you may have. For instance, you may have very technical knowledge of photoshop, in design and after effects. Therefore, instead of Languages, you’d put Adobe proficiency.
  • Experiences: I put all of my work related experiences (aka paid jobs). If you do not have too many roles, do include volunteering experiences. 
  • Extra-curricular: if the company seems to welcome diversity and well-rounded personalities, I would include sports such as being a choreographer for the Dance Society. If the company is very competitive to get into, and is more business-y, I would switch that with more professional extra-curricular activities such as “building online brands and reaching 40K+ people”.

In your experience section, it is vital to stick to the impact you have had in the company. Highlight any tangible results you worked for. Including data, percentage of growth and even big names in your company (titles) will help you stick out from the crowd.

The experience section is obviously the most important one. The title of the company needs to be there and extravagant. The bigger the company the better. However the advantage of working with smaller companies is that you can have a much higher impact than if in a huge multinational. Have maximum 3 bullet points explaining your role and results. I usually explain my role in 2 bullet points and then the last one I punch the reader in the face by putting cool stats and impact I have made in my role. Any increase of sales or user retention on a website, engagement growth… 

Next we have the Cover Letter.


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Over the years I have created many guides and checklist that aim to help you save time. Here are a list of them just in case you might miss out on a few:

  1. My 1st E-Book: a resource that has help me become a boss at Time Management. Moreover, it has also helped me create more time for what I love and get to my goals faster. It is lengthy, however it is arguably the best Time Management piece of research out there.
  2. The Time Management Actionable Sheets: a summary of my E-Book. These sheets have conserved the absolute essential actions you need to take to make the most out of your time. Do not skip any steps!
  3. My Before & After CV Transformation: a resource that has collected my CVs for the past 7 years to help you not only craft a great CV, but to also show you that everyone can start mediocre and grow exponentially.
  4. How To Land a Job Faster Guide: a resource that aims to give you all of the tips and recommendations I have used during my career. This will help you avoid some common mistakes students do when starting off with their job applications.

To conclude, the aim of this website is to help you have the best fresh start at University and with your career. There is nothing that gives me more happiness and joy but to hear your positive feedback on how helpful my content has been. Contact me if you have any feedback for me!


Much affection,

Francesca Michaud

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