Interviews are by far my favorite part of the Application process.

There is such a misconception around them: everyone who feels interviewed are scared of being judged. Consequently, they often do not react or talk the way they would usually do.

People often forget that the interview is a two way thing: you need to understand if the management and company is right for you just as much as the management needs to understand if you will be a good fit.


With that says, let’s distinguish to types of interviews:

  • phone interview
  • the face to face interview (including Skype ones)

The phone interview is my least favorite. I am incapable of reading the other person as I cannot see the way their face is reacting to what I am saying. I need to focus a lot on the tone of voice to see the variations of it when they respond to certain things I say.

However a lot of people prefer the phone interview because it takes away the pressure of being seen and it allows people to have notes of paper in front of them that they can read.

This is a huge advantage however please beware of your voice when you read out your responses. Some people become monotone when reading or express themselves to fluently, too perfectly, without a human hesitation. So make sure to vary the tone of voice when you read and also stop sometimes to fake “searching your words” so that it comes across more natural and human.

Most importantly: smile. It makes a difference!


But the real question is: what should you put in your notes?

Start with the absolute basic questions and answers:

  • tell me about yourself
  • why did you choose this role
  • why did you choose this company
  • what is your biggest strength
  • what is your biggest weakness

That same preparation needs to be done for face to face interviews but this time you won’t be able to cheat therefore you need to practice your responses over and over until they start getting more natural when you say them.

Although face to face interviews can be daunting, they have a tremendous impact compared to phone calls. The recruiter can see your face and the enthusiasm you convey. You can come across like a breath of fresh air and communicate so much more energy and passion through your facial expressions rather than just the voice.

I cannot recommend enough trusting the fact that you are worthy of this job and that you should totally relax. The employer will understand if you are nervous but they definitely prefer the confident candidates. This doesn’t mean arrogant.

If you are afraid of not being able to put a sentence together, please rehearse the most common questions. Especially the ones I listed before. If you need more, you can download My Answers To Top Interview Questions (coming soon).


What I also do is go through their main requirements and characteristics they are looking for. Check out this blog post if you haven’t already. I write a story about how I have experienced that characteristic and clearly am a good fit.

For instance, if the job description keeps repeating “leadership” a lot, or “team work”, I would try and think of what kind of issues or experience a leader would encounter and then have a story about those issues. This way, when the recruiter asks me the following questions, I will have a story clearly indicating that I know what being a leader entails:

  • Tell me about a time someone in your team was not contributing. How did you solve that problem?
  • Tell me about a time where your contribution in a team was valuable to the team.
  • Tell me about a time where you had an issue with a person in your team.

Think about the good and ugly scenarios of your professional life and then turn it so that it looks like you know how to adapt to any sticky situation.


Finally, about 80% of people are clueless of how important the question section is. When the interview comes to an end, a lot of students do not ask questions when they are given the opportunity to ask them.

Asking the interviewers questions is a golden opportunity to take back a bit of power and understand more about the company.

Do not waste your questions on answers you already know. Ask them questions, from human to human. Ask them about their experiences the same way they asked you. Put them on the spot.

It makes a hell of a difference.

If you are successful, you either have the job, or have to go through one more step: the Assessment center.


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Much affection,

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