Nightlife is a very important part of social life during University. Exeter definitely does not have one of the most varied nightlife scenes however it can be extremely fun when you know how to work with what you have.

Before I get into it and show you a few videos, I would like to answer a question I get asked a lot on my Youtube Channel aka “How is life outside of uni? The people? The nightlife?“.

The short answer to this question is: life outside uni is as good as you make it.

To explain better, I need to give you arguments for both possible answers:


Technically speaking, out of the 10 clubs in Exeter only 5 will be decent enough for you and your taste. After the 6th week you will probably know the playlist of each night club by heart, no matter the week day.

The only thing that can save you is when one of the event brands bring in a DJ. This is only a viable option if you are into house music, drum & bass, garage or jungle music. There isn’t much to visit and the “city center” is basically a street with a mediocre shopping mall attached to it.

This said, with the students coming in every year, the city has been working on more sorts of entertainment options and “city-like activities” in order to fill in the huge craving some people have.


This is more my opinion. Against popular belief, I think Exeter is the perfect place to live your student life (not grad life).

Yes, it’s not Paris or Hong Kong but there are 20,000 students creating more than 100 communities and gatherings called societies. You can basically decide to try cheerleading one week and the next you can find yourself trying your first ski lesson.

It is crazy how many activities the societies have brought to the game, how many trips are organized each month. Most importantly (to me), there are so many people you can meet. My real issue was not having enough time to meet everyone! I managed to meet 1000 students in the first 2 years at uni! Everyone has a story, and experiences you can learn from… that alone can become an adventure!


Now back to the nightlife: the video below is not 100% up to date (look at the comment section). There are a couple of new clubs that came up but don’t you worry, what you will hear in this video is still accurate and you will get the gist of the remaining clubs I mentioned.

I also interviewed a fresher that gave me her first impressions of the nightlife, so that you could have another and fresher perspective!


I have done my best to keep this website up-to-date. However, not living in Exeter anymore, this can be a challenge. If you are about to move to Exeter and want to get involved with this blog then please do not hesitate to contact me via my Instagram account. This is a unique opportunity for anyone who would like to get into blogging, influencer marketing or just generally gain some experience for their CV. Again, you can contact me for more details on how this may help you!


Over the years I have created many guides and checklist that aim to help you save time. Here are a list of them just in case you might miss out on a few:

  1. The Essay Decoder: a resource to help international students understand what is asked in an essay. This resource was given to me by one of Exeter’s top Senior Lecturers.
  2. Do’s & Don’ts at University Guide: a resource that gives you 70+ tips about university life. These recommendations range from social life, to love life, to reputation… I wish I had this guide when starting.
  3. The Ultimate Packing Checklist for both Catered students and Self-Catered students. A resource that aims to help you save time when preparing yourself for University.
  4. My 1st E-Book: a resource that has help me become a boss at Time Management. Moreover, it has also helped me create more time for what I love and get to my goals faster. It is lengthy, however it is arguably the best Time Management piece of research out there.
  5. My Before & After CV Transformation: a resource that has collected my CVs for the past 7 years to help you not only craft a great CV, but to also show you that everyone can start mediocre and grow exponentially.
  6. How To Land a Job Faster Guide: a resource that aims to give you all of the tips and recommendations I have used during my career. This will help you avoid some common mistakes students do when starting off with their job applications.

To conclude, the aim of this website is to help you have the best fresh start at University and with your career. There is nothing that gives me more happiness and joy but to hear your positive feedback on how helpful my content has been. Contact me if you have any feedback for me!


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