As much as I was fulfilled by my time in adidas, I quickly realized that it was quite hard for me to get into the department that was dealing strictly with the digital marketing activities I was interested in. It came to a point when I realized that I needed to find a job that would teach me purely about Digital Marketing.

With all this said, I was happy in adidas and wasn’t actively looking for a place.

Until the day where a recruiter on LinkedIn pitched me a new role in Accenture.

They explained to me that I was going to be trained and learned about the most used pay per click advertising tool: Google Ads.

Since I had a fair amount of knowledge about Social Media (Instagram and Youtube especially) and SEO (the basics), Google Ads was really what was missing to my top box of knowledge when it came to understanding digital marketing.

After accepting the offer and going through some last minute interviews, I found myself on an airplane to Dublin, where the EU headquarters of Google were.

I was chuffed.

I couldn’t believe that little me who started with no motivation nor experience managed to get into Google offices without even properly applying. I was, and still am, proud of myself, and I reminded myself that absolutely any evolution is possible with a little faith in oneself and an adventurous soul.

Once there, I was given a badge that would allow me to go to any Google office in the city and, although I was not a Google, I was still entitled to a google email and access to many internal information. I definitely had a foot in the door and it was quite insane to see that I had a chance in getting into one of the most desired companies in the world!

6 months in, I can say that I have learned a whole lot about Google Ads, and that I will soon join the team that deals with the 20% of the most paying clients of Google in terms of advertising! VERY exciting times to say the least!

DISCLAIMER: although the learning opportunities are numerous, and incredible, there are MANY, and by many I mean MANY, downsides to this job. This role as an Associate for Google has nothing to do with the rainbow fairytale land Adidas was. I have been going through many breakdowns and weird changes of character. I do not recommend anyone to go for my role unless they have a specific plan to learn and leave in under a year. This job is soul breaking and you will have to go through a lot of absurdities. I will go through all of the details once I am out of it but for now I am enjoying the ride and curious to what other possible kind of crap they can throw at my face. One thing is for sure: I will never advise you to go to Accenture EVER.

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