No matter how long and soul-breaking it is to be constantly rejected, your application is an investment. You get what you put in. Not all the time, but most of the time.

Recently I spent 5h writing and tailoring my CV and cover letter for a job that I knew I really wanted. It was 6pm when I got back from one of the darkest and most exhausting days at work. My moral was down and my energy was low.

But somehow, that motivated me. Why was I accepting this situation? I needed to get out of this hideous and inhumane “job” I am currently in.

Find your motivation and spend time on this process.



Firstly, write down every successful thing you achieved. You need a list of achievements. For instance, put in all of the certificates, degrees, experiences and success stories you have collected during your life.

Maybe you managed to raise money for a charity, exceeding the target by 20%. That is a success story. Maybe you have done an online certificate for finance. Mark that one down too. You graduated from university with top marks. Or maybe you helped a student that was not involved in his group work, to actually participate and work harder than anyone in the group! Make a list, be kind to yourself and write everything that pops into your mind. Even if you might find it insignificant, write it down, as it can be an element of a success story.

For instance, when I wrote my list, I was hesitating in putting down the fact that the director of my department in adidas publicly congratulated me in a meeting which included the whole Western Europe team. Although it doesn’t seem much, like, big deal he said “bravo”, I turned it around and added it to another success story and that helped me to make my success story more punchy.


Next, you need the job description of the role you are thinking of applying too. Make a list of the keywords and phrases representing the requirements.

Try your best to figure out what exactly is wanted from you. What are the behaviors the company praises? What experience are they looking for? Use all of the keywords and implied skills that you find. This will be a great guide for when you write your Cover Letter and CV.


Finally, go on the website of the company and read through their core values and beliefs. Every multinational has them. I am pretty sure that smaller companies have a credo as well. Understand what kind of community each of the company you are applying to attracts.

This can also help you figure out if this crowd is for you. When I use to apply, I did not see the application process as me choosing them, more like them choosing me. I couldn’t be more wrong. If you feel a disconnection with what they are saying and your beliefs, then do not be surprised if you get rejected. Most of the employers can sense if you are w right fit for the company. If you are not, they will probably notice. Therefore do not waste your time.

Once you have these three elements you can proceed to the CV section.


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Over the years I have created many guides and checklist that aim to help you save time. Here are a list of them just in case you might miss out on a few:

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  4. How To Land a Job Faster Guide: a resource that aims to give you all of the tips and recommendations I have used during my career. This will help you avoid some common mistakes students do when starting off with their job applications.

To conclude, the aim of this website is to help you have the best fresh start at University and with your career. There is nothing that gives me more happiness and joy but to hear your positive feedback on how helpful my content has been. Contact me if you have any feedback for me!


Much affection,

Francesca Michaud

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